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Lead Designer & Artist | Source Engine | 2013-2014

Keys is a first-person narrative-driven puzzle game. You explore islands and underground art galleries trying to uncover where, and who, you are. I created just about everything you see in the game myself and I am very proud of it as it gave me a lot of knowledge going forward.

I learned the importance of designing a streamlined workflow and asset pipeline before starting major development. I also learned how to work, communicate, and lead others.

From the beginning I collaborated with and bounced ideas off a talented musician who provided the soundtrack for the game. Near the end of development I also brought on an environment artist to help polish a few areas up as I finalized the game. [more info]





Lead Designer & Artist | Unity | 2015

Obfuscate's a cyberpunk exploration-based game about the last night on Earth. You play as a photographer and you learn about the world and history of Prague by taking photos and showing them to NPCs. The game is currently on indefinite hold. [more info]




Various Work

Design & Art | Source Engine & Unity | 2010 - 2014

These are some scenes I made for either abandoned games or practise.





Lead Designer & Artist | Adventure Game Studio | 2015

Precipice is a short lo-fi cyberpunk point and click adventure game.

I was going through a period of rapid prototyping after finishing my first major project, Keys, and decided that I liked this enough to release it. [more info]





Lead Designer & Artist | Unity | 2015

DOG WOLVE is a first-person TV smash 'em up music-video game set to the remixed music of Dragonette.

It was made in just under three weeks. [more info]





Level Designer | Source Engine | 2011

Action Half-Life 2 is a modification for, you guessed it, Half-Life 2. It's a fast-paced multiplayer shooter meant to recreate the feel of a John Woo action film. It includes diving, wall hopping, and bullet time. All of which posed significant design challenges since the movement system required more open maps with very little cover as it blocked diving.

Skylounge is a reimagining of a classic map from the first Action Half-Life. [more info]





Junior Level Designer & Artist | Source Engine | 2009-2010

Neptune was a survival horror game with strong Art Deco aesthetics. It took place aboard a mysterious and desolate cruise ship and was set to be a total conversion of Half-Life 2.

I joined the development team midway through by responding to an advertisement looking for level designers. It was my first time working with a team and I enjoyed the experience immensely. After the interview they gave me a week to make a level showcasing my skills and I got the job soon after. I then spent the next eight months designing and building three levels for the mod.

Sadly the creator left the project and without any focus the rest of the team quickly departed. It was a fun experience though and I'm very proud of the work I did on it. [more info]




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